Wines of the Maremma from il Salotto: Traditional, bold and, most of all, a real treat.

We could spend a lot of time talking about il Salotto and its wines. How we reclaimed the old wine estate from nature and how we completely rebuilt it while preserving the proven ecological spirit. How painful it was to have to remove most of the old Sangiovese vines. But also about how exciting it was to select new grape varieties suitable for soil and climate that are allowed to grow in a completely natural manner. We could talk about all of that. But it would be no substitute for experiencing the treat that the palate gets from trying it. You simply have to find out for yourself.


In 2019, we harvested the remaining old vines with an outstanding result. Since our wines first continue to age in bottles and barrels to develop their full taste, we will only bring our Morellino di Scansano to market in early 2021, our Riserva at the end of 2021 and our UNO Maremma Toscana in mid-2022.

Morellino di Scansano
Morellino di Scansano Riserva
Wine available beginning in 2024
Wine available beginning in 2024
Wine available beginning in 2024
Wine available beginning in 2024
Wine available beginning in 2024
Wine available beginning in 2024

There is a great oenologist behind every great wine.

Meet Damiano Maurini, our man for top wines.