The philosophy of il Salotto, Wines & Resort

Taking chances and having a go.

You sometimes have to take an unusual path to reach an unusual destination. That also applies to wine. Grape, terroir and tradition are our foundation – and, thanks to il Salotto, we have been incredibly lucky in these regards. But, to create what we want, it also takes curiosity, playfulness, the know-how of our amazing graduate oenologist Damiano Maurini and the steadfast determination to make wines with character outside the mainstream:  Organic wines that stand out from the rest and manage to excite – not only us but hopefully also you.

There is a great oenologist behind every great wine.

Meet Damiano Maurini, our man for top wines.

The people behind il Salotto

You can only reach your destination if you start the journey.

Sometimes, we are still amazed ... ... by the way in which our idea has taken on a life of its own. ... or all of the fortuitous coincidences that have removed quite a few obstacles from our path. And then there is our unbridled joy: That we, as friends, together with our families, can make our dream of the dolce vita and our own wine come true. But the best thing is that we get to share all of this: A perfect sip of wine and a place where our guests can let their souls recover.

The partners of il Salotto, Wines & Resort

A toast to friendship.

As natives of the Black Forest we are doers and quite headstrong. Put three of us together and things will happen: We experimented, made plans, figured things out and had passionate debates. Each of us knows exactly what we want and what our job is. And that's how we are conquering our slice of the world ... one day at a time. Regardless of how passionately we sometimes quarrel about how to get the best result, when it is all set and done, we toast together – to friendship, life and wine.

The Liebert family

Thomas Liebert: Managing partner/Wine production

The Schröter family

Thomas Schröter: Commercial department

Visions of the future

Naturally ecological – from the wine to the heat pump

We grow our wines ecologically and naturally don't use any chemical fertilizers. That is why we at il Salotto don't stop at growing wine and olives ecologically. Instead, we keep going with the way we manage our entire resort in the Maremma. We rely on energy generation and environment-friendly systems. We generate warm water with a thermal solar plant and part of our electric power using photovoltaic systems; highly efficient heat pumps heat and cool our buildings. That is how our sustainable building services make a meaningful contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Brandy Nini

Nini – a nickname for a top brandy.

2007 was a very special year for us: Alina ("Nini"), the youngest addition to the Liebert family, was born. But 2007 was also a good year for il Salotto. When we went on our initial discovery tours in our wine estate and rummaged through the wine cellar, we were in for a surprise:  12 barrels full to the brim with Sangiovese were stored there – forgotten by everybody. What a treasure! The wine had already passed its zenith. But it was perfect for making brandy.


That was confirmed by the "Nannoni Grappe" near Grosseto. Considered to be one of Italy's leading distilleries, it produces the most sought-after grappas. Anybody who cares about their wines has them distilled there. So, that's what we did. And then we had to wait. Because since mid-2019 – and at least until 2029 – our own brandy matures in three French barrels and awaits its first appearance: the 10-year anniversary of il Salotto.

The history of il Salotto

From a crazy idea to a wine estate.

For a long time, travelling to the Piedmont region or to Tuscany to experience the world's grand wines meant true happiness for us. But there came a time when that simply wasn't enough. Thomas Liebert began dreaming of owning his own wine estate. But his vision only really took shape when he saw an ad from 2015 that would not let him go: A small, dilapidated organic wine estate in the Maremma was for sale.

Let's be honest, how often do you get to make a dream come true? One day in particular helped turn the aspiration into reality: New Year's Eve 2017, which was spent with the right friends, with discussions while drinking wine and the clarity provided by the snow-covered Bregenz mountains.  And one more thing was needed above all: A vision. And then the decision was made: We're doing it! Together!



Things are getting exciting: Our Morellino di Scansano is about to be bottled for the first time. Now the entire range of aromas, scents and tastes is on full display. Could there be any happier winemakers than us?


An accelerated heartbeat and goosebumps. Our dream has really become reality. In July, we celebrated a splendid roofing ceremony – with the wine from good neighbours. Because our own is still maturing in new French barrels and getting ready to fulfil its destiny.


Purchase of il Salotto, including a total of 6 ha of vines, 6 ha of olive groves and 6 ha of forest. A dream comes true!