Tuscany wine tour, starting point at il Salotto, Scansano

Visit the following gorgeous Tuscan wine villages. Find out more about the special highlights of our region – where significant wines are produced. Talk to the wine growers, and have them explain their excellent wines during an individual tasting on the estates. "The journey is the reward" – even the drive through the beautiful Tuscan landscape allows you to enjoy the velvety air, sun and thrilling views.



"THE" origin of the grand Tuscan wine that enjoys worldwide fame: the Brunello.

From il Salotto, you can reach this picturesque village with its skilfully restored Medieval centre in just 60 minutes and a 60-kilometre drive through the beautiful Maremma. The town is located in a hilly cultural landscape with an elevation of 600 metres. From atop the old battlement you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the seemingly endless pine tree-lined promenades, old country estates and structured vineyards. Do not forget to make a reservation at a top restaurant and treat yourself to a well-deserved break with a glass of Brunello.


Distance 60 km, travel time 1 h



Restaurant tips:


Taverna del Grappolo Blu: Carefully prepared products, a fresh Tuscan cuisine with an outstanding price-performance ratio in a cosy atmosphere await you here. The wine list is especially noteworthy.


Boccon DiVino: A Tuscan cottage with traditional ambience, a beautiful view and typical Tuscan cuisine awaits you here. The Boccon is also all about the Brunello and has a correspondingly extensive wine list.



Similar to the famous Montalcino, Montepulciano is another picturesque and historic mountain village worth seeing. The historic city centre has remained largely unchanged since the 16th century. The Fortezza, the old fortress, has been carefully renovated in recent years and equipped with presentation rooms for the Consorzio del Vino Nobile de Montepulciano. Here, too, the main type of vine is the Sangiovese – a special clone called Prugnolo Gentile. Very beautiful shopping areas with exquisite shops.


Distance 90 km, travel time 1 h 40 minutes



Restaurant tips:


La Grotta: Delicious food and amazing wines in a pleasant ambience. In the winter in front of the fireplace and in the summer in a beautiful garden with a view of the San Biagio church.


Le Logge del Vignola: This small tavern in the old town is a great place to visit. The tables are set lovingly, the cuisine is well-tended to and features regional ingredients and an interesting wine list.


San Gimignano

This idyllic village is an absolute gem in Tuscany. When strolling through the town, you will feel like visiting an outdoor museum – that's how many sights and artistic spots it offers. Its many spires have earned it the nickname "Manhattan of Tuscany".


Distance 120 km, travel time 1 h 50 minutes



Restaurant tip:


CumQuibus: A good place for all Tuscany enthusiasts. A small dining area with few tables and a rustic ambience, creative and inventive dishes made with typical Tuscan products.

``Wine should challenge us and have its own character. Just like good friends``.

Thomas Schröter, Partner



About an hour's drive north of our "il Salotto" resort, you can visit the famous wine region surrounding the town of Bolgheri. You will drive through what are likely Tuscany's grandest and oldest pine tree promenades before getting to this small town. It's a must for wine enthusiasts. Here, too, you will experience the charm and sophistication of Tuscan winemakers.  In Bolgheri you can visit the wine estates where the grand wines, such as the Sassicaia Ornellaia, Tignanello, Masseto or Solaia are made, just to name a few. You can sample the so-called "supertuscans", which are responsible for making Maremma wines famous throughout the globe. The formerly sleepy little town of Bolgheri in the Maremma region, less than 10 km away from the Mediterranean, became a  shining star in the global "wine firmament" in the 20th century. The formerly 200 hectare have turned into 1,200 hectare without diminishing its outstanding quality. You can end an eventful day in a relaxed atmosphere in the Osteria Magona before the quick return trip to "il Salotto".


Distance 100 km, travel time 1 h 20 minutes



The impressive city with Etruscan origins sits atop a massive tuff cliff in the southwest of the Umbria region. It boasts one of Umbria's richest troves of artistic and cultural treasures.  The cathedral is one of the outstanding achievements of Italian architecture.


And don't miss the subterranean Orvieto: An unbelievably large number of artificial caves form a confounding labyrinth with corridors, tunnels, cisterns, wells and cellars.


Distance 100 km, travel time 1 h 45 minutes



Restaurant tip:


La Palomba: This natural trattoria in the old town has been managed by the same family for more than 50 years. This restaurant has always served a traditional cuisine featuring home-made pasta, game and wild pigeon (after which the tavern is named).

``Everything is more intense here: the light, the scent of the herbs, the food, the wine and even the water. The senses simply perceive everything differently``.

Thomas Liebert, Managing Partner



The "little Jerusalem" of Tuscany, labyrinthine, historic and vibrant just like the big original. In the 19th century, the total Jewish population reached a proportion of 20%. The synagogue below the cathedral remains and serves as evidence of this era characterised by its Jewish influences. Pitigliano is also known for its wine, including the award-winning "Bianco di Pitigliano".


Distance 50 km, travel time 1 h



With a population of 80,000, an old town worth seeing and the imposing Medici city wall from the 16th century, Grosseto is the centre of the Maremma region . The "Corso Carducci", the pedestrian shopping area, is the perfect place for a stroll. The grandiose city centre is reminiscent of Siena. Fashion and jewellery stores, restaurants, bars as well as ice cream parlours and cafés line the streets. In the evenings, a vibrant nightlife unfurls inside and in front of the countless bars and restaurants.


The culinary festival "Maremma Wine & Food Shire" is held annually – usually in May. For €5, visitors can purchase a wine glass, stroll from booth to booth, taste the excellent Tuscan wines and have their glass refilled as often as they like. A real adventure!


Distance 20 km, travel time 25 minutes


Here you can get great food and enjoy a large international wine list:


Ristorante Canapone: Right at the grandiose town square with a beautiful outdoor area. Featuring an elegant and delicate architectural redesign in the heart of the capital of the Maremma region. High-quality, elegant Tuscan cuisine with adjoining Enoteca.




Ristorante Enoteca L’Uva e il Malto: Great regional wines and Tuscan cuisine in a cosy atmosphere.

Our restaurant tips!

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