Sport/Golf in the Maremma region, not far from our il Salotto resort

The Maremma offers amazing opportunities for all athletic activities: There are nearly endless possibilities for cycling, hiking, golf, horseback riding and water sports in the surroundings of our il Salotto resort. Below is just a small selection of this incredible range of offers. Are you aware of our yoga offers?



Two outstanding championship golf courses are located no more than a 45-minute drive away.

 A. Terme di Saturnia Hotel and Golf


In the heart of the Maremma, this course accommodates the special terrain. In a very unique way, all local regulations for preserving nature were taken into account. That is why, when you play the course early in the morning and get a bit lucky, you can observe deer, porcupines, rabbits or pheasants. After playing a round, the Terme di Saturnia invites you to take a relaxing bath.


Distance 30 km, travel time 35 minutes


B. Argentario Golf Club


The course is located on the Monte Argentario peninsula and is embedded in the Mediterranean Macchia and just five minutes away from the Duna Feniglia nature park. The pleasantly mild Mediterranean climate allows golf to be played year-round.


Distance 45 km, travel time 45 minutes


Argentario Divers

This diving school gets you up-close to the spectacular underwater world of the Maremma coast. You can also book diving excursions to the outer islands, such as Giglio. The clear water offers a fantastic view. The variety and number of sea creatures will surprise you!


Distance 50 km, travel time 50 minutes


Kite Beach

The wide beaches and the constant, pleasant wind make the Maremma a paradise for surfers and kite surfers. The Kite Beach Fiumara kite school offers lessons and equipment rental.


Distance 35 km, travel time 35 minutes

``The Maremma – a paradise for surfers and kite surfers.``


Parco Naturale della Maremma

Across 10 square kilometres, the Parco Naturale della Maremma stretches along the coast between Principina a Mare to the north and Talamone to the south: it is a mixture of the Serengeti, the Wild West and Gaul, and it's less than an hour's drive away from our il Salotto resort!


Wild boars and stags, free-roaming Maremma cattle and the famous wild horses of the Maremma have found a home here. Buzzards and herons are circling above the natural landscape consisting of swamps, rocky coastlines, untouched beaches, wandering dunes and the ever-present typical macchia. You can explore the nature park on foot, by bike, canoe or on the back of a Maremmano horse. A ride with the Butteri, the cowboys of the Maremma, is an unforgettable adventure and you can even watch them work in person:


Distance 30 km, travel time 30 minutes


Monte Amiata – hiking

With an elevation of about 1,700 m, it is the highest mountain of the Maremma. Monte Amiata has volcanic origins but has not been active for 200,000 years. However, hot springs and geysers are reminders of its past. Its slopes are densely populated with beech and chestnut trees. When the beach tourists are baking in the Mediterranean midsummer heat, not even 50 km away, this part of the Maremma features pleasantly mild temperatures and the forests offer plenty of shade. Many destinations await, and for especially enthusiastic hikers, there is a 29 km course around Monte Amiata. Some of our guests are certain to associate the Maremma with skiing, but, from December to February, the locals head for the small ski region of Monte Amiata, which features blue, red and black courses.


Distance 55 km, travel time 1 h 10 minutes


Horseback riding

The myth, whether it is true or not, is inseparably linked to the Butteri, the cowboys of the Maremma: In a tournament in which they went up against their American colleagues, which were personally led by Buffalo Bill, the Butteri emerged victorious. Since then, their reputation has been "immortalised".  Even though there are now fewer of them, the occupation continues to exist. Especially in the Parco della Maremma, you can still meet the Butteri and, together with them, embark on amazing rides through the untamed coastal park.


Distance 60 km, travel time: 50 minutes


Another starting point from which you can gallop along the amazing beaches is the "Cavallo Avventura" riding centre at Punta Ala.



The Maremma features great spots for climbing and bouldering. Starting with the steep coastal cliffs, there are many great rocks of 10-30 metres for sport climbing.  From Capo d‘Uomo, La Tagliata, Monte Calvo at the Mediterranean to the areas around Monte Amiata, such as Tepolini and La Scalonaia, there is something here for everybody. All of them can be reached by car from il Salotto in about 30 minutes.


Mountain bike

The Massa Vecchia di Maremma is an international renowned "jewel" for mountain bike enthusiasts. Tours in open terrain or through amazing forests are available. You can explore the region on your own or with an experienced guide. You also can rent high-quality mountain bikes. We will gladly help you find a guide when you are here.

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