Sala Degustation – the heart of the il Salotto resort

A living room made for pure joie de vivre in the heart of the beautiful Maremma.

"il Salotto" means "living room" but also "having a good time with friends". While we did not choose the name – this land has borne it for centuries – we could not have picked a better one. Sala Degustation perfectly expresses the spirit of il Salotto: It is a place for meeting others and passionate conversations and celebrations that last deep into the night. And wine never tastes better than when it is enjoyed with friends in front of our open fireplace. And then there is our sun deck with large pool and lots of space for splashing around and chatting. You want more? Then enjoy our service that makes dreams come true.

Dinner at il Salotto Wines & Resort

Enjoy Italian specialities in our beautiful Sala Degustation. Besides antipasti and tapas, the typical Tuscan dinner is waiting for you.
In addition, every week there is one pizza evening and one barbecue evening with our Giovanni.
At our pizza evenings, our pizza chef topples pizzas according to your wishes and bakes them in a hot stone oven.
A juicy organic Fiorentina steak, delicious organic beef fillets, long pork spareribs and typical Tuscan salsiccias are not to be missed at our barbecue evening. We also serve delicious seasonal grilled vegetables from the market.

A real treat from dawn to dusk.

From the first cup of coffee on our sunrise terrace in the morning to a nightcap in the evening on the well-protected western terrace and a breathtaking view of the Maremma from all of the terraces – indulgence comes as natural in the Sala Degustation of our resort as breathing. That was very important to us when we designed it. That is why our breakfast is lovingly colourful and the perfect foundation for a long day. After lengthy trips throughout the Maremma region, our typical Tuscan antipasti are an enticing culinary adventure of their own. And at the latest when the sun sets, only one thing matters: The perfect sip of wine and the right atmosphere. In addition to our own wines, you will also find an outstanding selection of top international wines in our vine cellar.


You want to know more about our current wines?

Whatever your heart desires.

Our Sala Degustation offers a few more special highlights for you: Spend a nice afternoon tasting the wines of our estate. Enjoy seasonally themed evening events, such as our pizza, pasta or barbecue nights (subject to availability and reservations). Book a chef for yourself and your loved ones who will pamper you in our professional kitchen. And, if your heart desires anything else, just ask. One thing is certain: Even the pleasure-loving gods of ancient Rome would have felt at home here.

Unforgettable moments at il Salotto

The heart of it all

Sala Degustation floor plan

Allow us to seduce you

8:30 to 11 a.m.:

Breakfast  (book 1 day ahead of time)

5 to 10 p.m.:

Sunset with Tuscan antipasti

Seasonally themed evening events – e.g. pizza, barbecue or pasta nights – subject to availability and reservations (book 2 days ahead of time)

You can find the prices on the menu on site.

Wine tasting by arrangement.