Arrive to an oasis of well-being at il Salotto in Tuscany

Regardless of how often we have been to il Salotto: The moment when we get out of the car is always something special ... if not a bit magical. The reasons may be the amazing view of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the chirping of the crickets, the gentle air of the Maremma, the proud cypresses or the unbelievable tranquillity. Being here is simply perfect. And that is something we would like to toast to with that first sip of wine underneath our stately palm tree. And that is when we have truly arrived – with this amazing feeling of being unburdened and centred.

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Casa Merlot
Casa Merlot – a harmonious place of tranquillity.
Casa Sangiovese
Casa Sangiovese – a spacious (approx. 70 sqm) place of refuge.

Sala Degustation

A living room made for pure joie de vivre in the heart of the beautiful Maremma.

"il Salotto" means "living room" but also "having a good time with friends". It is a place for meeting others and conversations that last deep into the night. And wine never tastes better than when it is enjoyed with friends in front of our open fireplace.

A real treat from dawn to dusk.

From the first coffee in the morning to a nightcap in the evening – in  Sala Degustation, indulgence is as natural as taking a breath. That is why our lovingly prepared breakfast served on the terrace at sunrise is the ideal foundation for an exciting day. After day trips throughout the region, our typical Tuscan antipasti are an enticing culinary adventure of their own. And when the sun sets (or even before then), the only thing that counts on our western terrace is that perfect sip of our Maremma wine, a great fit for the mood and the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. In addition to our own wines, you will also find an outstanding selection of top international wines in our vine cellar.


Are you looking for refreshment?

There are probably only two things that make the summer heat even better: Italian ice cream and a dip in the pool. For the latter, we have provided the venerable wine estate with a real upgrade: a nearly 100 square-metre outdoor infinity pool. The pool is available to you from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm and offers a breathtaking view of the vast expanse of Tuscany.

Milly Florentina Mitu

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Visions of the future

Naturally ecological – from the wine to the heat pump

Indulgence always comes first here. And it is closely connected to a look ahead – to a future worth living in. That is why we don't stop at growing wine and olives ecologically. Instead, we keep going with the way we manage the entire resort.


We rely on energy generation and environment-friendly systems. We generate warm water with a thermal solar plant and part of our electric power using photovoltaic systems; highly efficient heat pumps heat and cool our buildings. That is how our sustainable building services make a meaningful contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Destinations for trips

The treasures of the Maremma at your fingertips.

We are always amazed by the central location of il Salotto and everything around us that is waiting to be discovered.  Accept the region's gifts.